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IPL Photofacials Specialist

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Your face is the first thing that people will notice about you. Over time, a lot of people incur sunspots, redness, acne scars, and other cosmetic issues that can affect their appearance. Dr. Margaret Shannon is a licensed dermatologist based in Newport Beach, California that can provide you with IPL Photofacial treatment to help you look and feel great. If you’re interested in an IPL photofacial, schedule a consultation with Dr. Shannon online or by phone today.

IPL Photofacials Q & A

What is an IPL photofacial?

IPL photofacial is a procedure that uses high-energy waves of light that can reduce or eliminate several common skin ailments. It’s used to treat age spots, acne scars, redness of the skin, sun damage and sun spots, and a variety of other common skin conditions.

In most cases, you will receive up to five different photofacial treatments spaced two to three weeks apart.

What can I expect during my IPL consultation?

During your consultation with Dr. Shannon, you will receive a full evaluation and consultation. She can complete a full analysis and generate a strategy for treating your skin condition. You will even be able to schedule your first treatment.

What can I expect during an IPL photofacial?

During your photofacial treatment, Dr. Shannon will give you a set of protective glasses that will help protect your eyes from the bright flashes of light. She will also cover the treatment areas with a cool gel that will help lubricate the skin as well as the dermatologist’s tools.

Once the treatment begins, you will feel warm sensations and light pulses that occur when the light is being released. Overall, the entire procedure can take as little as five minutes and as long as a couple of hours based on the size of the treatment area.

How long is the recovery time after an IPL photofacial?

Immediately following the procedure, Dr. Shannon will provide you with ice packs that will help cool down the treatment area and soothe the skin. After you leave the office, the overall recovery time is relatively short since little damage will be done during a treatment.

The most common symptoms that patients experience following a photofacial are redness of the skin and some dark spots. In most cases, the symptoms disappear within one to two weeks.

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